Kia Ora!

Welcome to The Sensory Room NZ

Play is enough. Play is enough. Play is enough. -Janet Lansbury

We must fiercely protect this precious, ever shrinking window of time for our children. Play is enough. Play is enough. Play is enough. -Janet Lansbury

Sensory Play is any form of play that appeals to the senses. The benefits of sensory play are endless, helping children to develop physically, cognitively, creative linguistically, socially and emotionally. We know the huge advantages of sensory play for children and adults and feel there is a gap that needs filling.

We aim to fill this gap by offering pre-school sessions and professional development opportunities for early childhood centres and primary schools.

Week Day Sessions

We have set our dates for our sessions for Term 2 2021.

We will be running once a fortnight on Friday mornings.


Looking for an idea to entertain toddlers, whether it is for a play date or a birthday party? We offer Sensory Play parties. You host the event and we turn up and entertain the children.

Special Events

Throughout the year we host a variety of one-off sessions aimed at meeting slightly different needs. These are our weekend and holiday sessions, as well as special events.

Professional Development

We are passionate about creating opportunities for sensory play. We can support you to embed sensory play in your centre or school.